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How to demonstrate your agile mindset in a job interview?

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Agile has become a high-demand keyword in most job descriptions. Agile philosophy is the intangible mindset that seems difficult to demonstrate during the interview. But the way of answering these interview questions can show your agile value.

Talent Cluster is launching an Agile blog series to provide high-demand interview questions and answer acquisition for job seekers. We truly believe these interview questions will be asked during your conversation with employers.

What are agile and waterfall?

Waterfall project management is a traditional model for developing large-scale systems and is originally based on manufacturing and construction industry projects. It has a strict flow starting from initiation, planning, execution, monitoring to the closure procedure.

While Agile methodology is a type of incremental approach to software development based on principles that focuses more on people, results, collaboration, and flexible responses to change. Instead of planning for the whole project, it breaks down the development process in small increments completed in iterations or short time frames. Each iteration includes all SDLC phases such that a working product is delivered at the end. After several iterations, a new or updated product is released.

Agile pros and cons:

Agile’s flexibility avoids rigidity. Stakeholders and team members have opportunities to observe and test throughout the project which allows for adjustments and changes to be made as things move forward. This greater ‘user focus’ means that on delivery it’s likely the outcome will be more in line with expectations – even if they have evolved along the way. Agile encourages teamwork, collaboration, self-organisation, and accountability. This helps with overall motivation and commitment to a project’s outcomes and goals.

Because of its flexibility, an Agile project can run the risk of causing problems in other areas of the organisation as priorities to shift if the changes are not managed and communicated effectively. For teams new to working in an Agile way, there is a risk that people can feel unsure of what they should focus on when the scope is developing.

What is the duration of a scrum sprint?

Generally, the duration of a scrum sprint (scrum cycle) depends upon the size of the project and the team working on it. The team size may vary from 3 to 9 members. In general, a scrum script is complete in 3-4 weeks. Thus, on average, the duration of a scrum sprint (scrum cycle) is 4 weeks. This type of sprint-based Agile scrum interview question is very common in an agile or scrum master interview.

What is Velocity?

Velocity question is generally posed to understand if you have done some real work and familiar with the term. Its definition “Velocity is the rate at which team progresses print by sprint” should be enough. You can also add saying the important feature of velocity that it can’t be compared to two different scrum teams.

In our next couple of series, we will keep posting popular agile questions collected from 700+ interviewees, hope these interview questions can give you a clear preparation path. If you would like to make some contribution or share with us what you like to learn in our blog, please submit your voice in the below form submission.

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